Oversaturated Pictures

What is Lomography?

In the early 1990s a couple of students discovered a small, enigmatic Russian camera, the Lomo Kompakt Automat, and created a new style of artistic experimental photography with their first unorthodox snapshot cavorting.

Characteristics such as over-saturated colours, off-kilter exposure, blurring, “happy accidents,” and alternative film processing are often considered part of the “Lomographic Technique.”[Users are encouraged to take a light-hearted approach to their photography, and use these techniques to document everyday life, as the Lomo LC-A’s small size, simple controls, and ability to shoot in low light encourages candid photography, photo reportage, and photo vérité through the much-touted “10 Rules.”

The 10 Golden Rules: http://www.lomography.com/about/

Some wonderful examples can be found here: http://digg.com/d1p9tM