Another iPhone gadget


Although the iPhone already comes with a pretty impressive screen size – there might be those times you want to view your stuff that little bit bigger. That’s where the MiLi Iphone Projector comes out to play.  The MiLi Pro LCOS, LED-driven projector will turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a projector.

All you do is slot the iPhone or iPod Touch into the device and it will throw the image onto a screen (or wall if you have no screen) Resolution isn’t anything to shout about compared to home projectors, but 640 x 480 pixels ought to be good enough at smaller screen sizes, while looking rather horrid when blown up to its maximum 70″ size. Good thing they recommend a maximum 40″ screen size to avoid disappointments.



No prices have been mentioned at this time but it should be here by September 2009.


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