Twitter 101 – are you convinced?


Twitter has launched a beginners guide to their microblogging site aimed at clueless brands and marketers to demonstrate the benefits of the service and how to attract customers.

Twitter 101 demonstrates how current brands are getting value and offers a guide to the lingo, how to get started and the best practice.  The site also features a few case studies – one of them being Dell  – who recently advertised in the press that they had made $2 million from @DellOutlet since starting their Twitter journey.

‘And while not everyone jumps on a deal for a refurbished machine or other outlet-style bargains. the company has been able to track sales that originated from a Twitter click and led to other parts of If you count those sales, @DellOutlet has led to more than $3 million in revenue for Dell.’

If you think this all sounds quite nice but are of the attitude that Dell are a much bigger brand than most of us, have a read of the MoonFruit Twitter campaign. Most people hadn’t heard of Moonfruit (who are a website building company) so they decided to run a competition where they were giving away 10 macbook pros, 1 a day to celebrate their 10th year in business – just by retweeting their name.  UK traffic to their site grew by 200%, just after 2 days.

The Twitter 101 launch comes after a study from Harris Interactive found that 55% of marketers are unaware of the website, or find that it serves no purpose to their companies. Don’t be one of the 55%, give it a read, set up an account and see what happens…

Happy Tweeting.

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