8 Best Practices for Local Coffee Shops Looking to Grow Their Facebook Pages

There are lots of coffee places, competition from chains and other independent stores.  It’s somewhere a lot of us visit, meet friends and use social media whilst we’re there. Here are some of the bigger brands on facebook (UK & US) that have put some time and effort into their facebook pages..


With over 5.1 million Fans, Starbucks – as it is in business – is far and away the most dominant coffee shop chain on Facebook. In our previous coverage of Starbucks we’ve detailed how the company has used Facebook, and especially its Page, to become one of the top brands on the site (currently at #7, about 1,000 Fans behind Megan Fox).


The McCafe tab runs a “McCafe Theater” which sends you to an interactive Flash page on McDonald’s website and which isn’t all that interesting. However, with over 1,453,695 Fans, anytime that McDonald’s wishes to highlight McCafe, they have a strong channel to do so.

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A local establishment, close to where I work,  currently have 106 friends and have some interactivity with their fans (you can see a recent photo competition).

So to move onto the subject of this blog – here are some tips on facebook best practice…

Here are some key things all coffee shop Page owners should remember:

1. Make sure your contact information, especially address, is completely filled out on your Page. Make it really obvious where people can get your coffee.

2. Share menus and latest coffee creations/flavors by linking to their menu on their web site, publishing changes within the Wall (as Jitterbug Coffee Shop did) if not adding the option as a tab.

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Are there any improvements you’d like to see on your local coffee shop page? Are you reading this now whilst enjoying a latte?!