Social Media in 2010

Social Media is mainstream and people are now starting to say ‘How do I get involved’ rather than ‘Why should I get involved?’ Brands/companies will be looking to use social media sensibly, not just slapping a logo on a facebook fan page. Big brands like Pepsi and Ford are hiring Social Media directors to lead the way, putting together strategies. As we go further into 2010 more brands/companies will wake up to this shift in marketing and realise it’s serious stuff.

eMarketing stated that 60% of the social marketing budgets in 2010 will go toward staff salaries for activities such as blogging, content development and monitoring of social channels. Another two-fifths will be spent on outside help from agencies, consultancies and service providers.

Industries that will Increase the Most their Social Media Marketing Budget

Industries that will Increase the Most their Social Media Marketing Budget

Industries that will Increase the Most their Social Media Marketing Budget

Customer Service is becoming transparent. Social media is now better optimised than static websites if an angry blogger writes a damming review of your service or product it will rate higher than then hundreds of pounds you’ve spent on advertising…

Traditional methods don’t work. Using Social Media as you would do traditional PR won’t work, broadcasting your latest gadget and bombarding people with PR messages won’t make them engage with you. You need to be interactive – listen and engage. If you had people selling your product on the street, you wouldn’t expect them to walk up and down that road with a mega phone and get people to chat to them. It’s the same online.

I’ve just watched Avatar 3d at the Odeon. More people are using their smartphone applications to update their friends with their current activities. 2010 will be the year for brands to work out how to use this. We’ve seen local bars and restaurants using this already but the opportunities wont be limited there.

Augmented reality. The Looking Glass Concept or something similar will make its way into the consumer market. A real time information assistant that can be used anywhere, it might even end up as a pair of glasses or contact lenses. If Apple get their hands on it, it will be fashionable and on every Christmas list for 2010.

Virtual and physical worlds will blur. As we have already seen in 2009, IBM launched an augmented reality app for the tennis but this is only the start. Imagine using your smartphone’s camera to navigate your way to the local Costa or using an app to tell you what’s under the bonnet of that new car in the show room?

I’m a Social Media Consultant. Just because they have a facebook account, doesn’t make them a specialist. Real consultants will advise you on how to map your social media strategy and business strategy together. 2010 will see an increase of organisations moving from tactical consultancy to Enterprise solutions.

From 1989 to 1999, 62 of the top 100 companies on the Fortune 100 list changed. 62 came off and 62 new ones entered the list. If you 62 of the top, most respected market leaders got caught from behind and eclipsed in one decade with the selective use of a new technology and widespread business process re engineering. 62 of those CEOs and other executives probably said, “web?”, not going to affect our business. I wonder how many of the top companies and executives will still be on the list in 2020…

Obviously I cant predict what will happen in 2010 but the key thing for brands is to learn to quickly adapt to changes in customer behaviour and technology and not be afraid to be a pioneer of this new social media enterprise.


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