Nexus One: Google phone

Google will sell its own phone, made by HTC called Nexus One. The entire user experience is designed by Google.

Hardware: HTC

Spec:  Capacitive touch screen, on-screen keyboard only, thin, scroll ball and animated desktop wallpaper

Launch date: January 2010

ABI Research analyst Kevin Burden notes, the Nexus One may be Google’s way of pushing device manufacturers to up their games by ensuring that their devices conform to Google’s standards.

“One of the things they talked about during their presentation today was that they expected that the next version of the Droid will look like more Nexus One,” Burden says. “You’ve got to assume that they are building some services for Android and that those services will need so-called superphones that have 1GHz Snapdragon processors.”

Will you be putting the Nexus One on your wish list?