5 Terms in English slang everyone should know

This is a brilliant little read, David Schneider explaining five terms in English slang everyone needs to know. Take 5 minutes, it’ll make you giggle….

1.  Arse-over-tits

David: This is used to refer to someone who falls over: “That 90 year old woman fell arse-over-tits, shattering her hip in 16 places and lacerating her face, arms and legs. It was funny”.

You cannot deliberately go arse-over-tits, as in “The Russian gymnast did a double-piked somersault followed by a triple arse-over-tits”, though it can be used of men as well, especially fat lads with moobs.

Me: I’ve had many arse-over-tits experiences.  Like the time I went to the club and the song “Barbie Girl” by Aqua came on.  I went to dance next to this super hot chick and then slipped on glass.  My arse was like so totally over my tits right there?  It was crazy.  Despite that, I ended up doing her.

Do you believe that, Schneider?

Lie to me and tell me you believe that.

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