Cost Per Engagement

I attended the NMA Live, online engagement demystified event on Friday – the speakers were from i-level, Silence Media, Future Publishing, iCrossing, VideoEgg and 1000 Heads. A few notes from the event….

Engagement is long term sustained conversation that can be defined in many different ways. The word will be under-used, over-used and misused.

Measuring it. This can vary heavily on the brief set out by the client, it’s best to have an idea upfront of what measurement you want as a client so the agency can value these and use appropriate metrics.

Some ways it can be measured:

  • On and offsite – It’s important not to forget the offline. People having conversation about you offline can lead to people talking about you online and buying your product – it’s all conversation.
  • Analytics – level of interaction on the site, time spent on the site, interaction with assets on the site, click through, links etc. What things show engagement? How do we value these behaviours?

Using live data. What if a campaign is more popular amongst an audience/community than initially though? Being flexible and change the creativity or campaign to ensure you’re reaching and engaging them. E.g Toyota IQ, read the case study from iCrossing here

Emotional Involvement. Types of people out there – Advocates, Retractors, Experts, Newsbreakers and Emergers. What can we learn about this person once we’ve found them? Who are they connected to? What are their behavioural patterns? Super users evangelise the brand to others.

So, will we see a shift in the way agencies are paid? Will we pay creative agencies on a cost per performance basis? How do we monetise value? Will there soon be an industry standard?

We’ll have to watch the social space….


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