Apple ipad

I’m sure the hardcore fans have seen it already….but here it is! Some of the rumoured accessories coming out for it:

ipad keyboard dock

You’ll also be able to use it to sync to your computer, and offers an audio jack to connect your iPad to a proper stereo. It also includes a 30-pin connector, so you’ll be able to connect iPad accessories, too. But the most important feature is the integrated full-size keyboard, which bears a striking similarity to the Apple Keyboard, bundled with iMac purchases.

iPad case

The iPad Case offers one solution: a triangular kickstand props the tablet up at comfortable angles — upright for watching media, and inclined for typing. While it looks like leather, it’s reportedly made from a soft, rubbery microfiber material. Not your style? Fret not — cases are one of the most popular accessories, and you’ll be drowning in options long before the device actually starts shipping.

iPad Camera Connection Kit

The Camera Connection Kit consists of two dongles that will plug in to your dock, or into the 30-pin connector port at the base of your iPad. One dongle will allow you to import photos directly from your camera’s USB cable, while the other will let you pull content from an SD card.