5 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Recruiting


Linked In is a great professional social networking site with its core users being graduates; it allows people to build professional relationships, get in touch with key figures within companies and provides a great on-line CV. So how can you use it to recruit for your company?

1. Change your status to ‘hiring’

2. Use groups to post your job application

3. Become an expert, draw people to your company

4. Upgrade your profile, if you have the budget

5. Check out LinkedIn Talent Advantage

6. Stay in touch with former employees for potential employment

7. Use keywords to search for candidates

8. Share your contact information so people can get in touch

Check out the full Article from Bianca Male. Also, another article on possible legalities around using social media as a source of employment: Networking sites puts recruiters in peril

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Feature Contents

1. Comp Cheats Confess All on Social Networking Sites

Workers’ compensation claims investigators are increasingly scouring popular social networking Web sites such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn to help insurers and employers fend off bogus claims.
2. Recruiters Using ‘Fresh Outs’ to Replenish Staffs

Employers can build efficiencies and cut costs with tools designed to access and engage graduates for specialized positions.

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Discriminatory Twist in Networking Sites Puts Recruiters in Peril