Google Buzz – Have you tried it?!

This morning I logged into my gmail account to find the following…

I’ve connect to my twitter, I’ve followed my friends and now I’m waiting for the magic to happen! So far none of my friends are buzzing, but it looks like they can easily comment on the things I post and you can ‘like’ a post just like on facebook.

When you’ve linked it to your photo site, like Flickr, you can click on the image and view it larger. When a new buzz has happened the message is sent directly to you inbox, where you can reply or just go back to the ‘buzz’ tab in googlemail. This is very similar to using twitter, but feels like an exclusive ‘googlemail’ account network.

You can use ‘@’ to other users of buzz, just like twitter – so anybody already signed up to tweet will find this pretty straight forward to use, but will it take off? Or is it just another twitter-like application?

Would be great to hear any feedback…