Small Biz Doubles Social Media Adoption

Report from eMarketer today showing the adoption of social media with small business owners whilst we’ve been having a tricky economic time. This is all US information, not UK but it would be good to see some UK information if anyone has any?

This report shows that the most common use of social media was setting up a company related page and most seem to have their expectations managed with the amount they have had come back from these set-ups. Interestingly, most businesses said that they were breaking even with their social media activity – hopefully this will mean that more companies are becoming open to discussing social media strategies – rather than jumping straight in without an action plan.

Overall, 58% of respondents felt social media lived up to their expectations. One-half felt it took up more time than they realized, but only 6% claimed negative comments on social media had hurt their business.

“Social media levels the playing field for small businesses by helping them deliver customer service,” said Janet Wagner, director of the Center for Excellence in Service, in a statement. “Time spent on Twitter, Facebook and blogs is an investment in making it easier for small businesses to compete.”

Read the full article here: Small Biz Doubles Social Media Adoption