ANOTHER networking site?

I saw in the news yesterday that Starbucks are using FourSquare to offer ‘Mayors’ the opportunity to get discounted drinks in the US. What I really love about Starbucks is the way they keep embracing and experimenting with the new networks and technologies as they emerge.

I keep banging on about the merge of the digital and physical world and how clients should look to intergrate a little more in their thinking but it continues to be an area of uncertainy for many, as they’re only interested in a proven model that can offer them ROI.

Maybe the name needs to change? Social Media does have the sigma of a ‘fad’ attached to it and the word ‘media’ can be a little misleading.  Too many people are offering a Twitter account as a quick fix to social media, rather than taking on board the business strategies and objectives for the company so it can make a difference.

Use this social web in the correct way, engage with people, allow your employees to feel empowered, find the right space and enhance your strategy.

There are plenty of example of brands doing the right thing – check them out and take note.