Social Media helps drive purchases

An article in Brand Republic has stated that customers who access an online store via social media, such as Facebook, are 10 times more likely to buy something that other users.

The research was carried out by Payment provider Sage Pay (PSP) and states that:

  • 7% of all visitors to an online store make a purchase
  • 71% of visitors initiated via social media will click their way through to the transaction section

The research suggests that whilst online stores do well to attract custmomers, they don’t always seal the deal with a purchase but by interacting with them via social media and having the conversations in these places there is a huge increase in customers making it to the transaction section – although, do take into account the usability of the site, they might get driven there but if the user experience is terrible you’re likely to get a drop in actual purchases at this point.

Simon Black, managing director at Sage Pay, said:

“Flitting from site to site, it takes a lot to entice today’s shoppers. Once they’ve arrived in an online store, they might sniff around and put a thing or two in the shopping cart – but even when they have typed in their credit card number, there is still no guarantee that the sale will be closed.”

“The modern shopper often looks for reassurance from a positive review, a special offer to make it more affordable, inexpensive delivery options and a quick, easy and secure way to pay.”

The research also shows that 5% of online marketers polled believed that social media was the most effective communication channel.

You can check out the Sage Pay Blog here or the original article on Brand Republic here