The Real Life Social Network – Paul Adams

A little later than most, but this document is certainly worthy of a repost. Written by Paul Adams from Google, this is an overview of his research. It is talk of social media but it also talks about people. How we interact, why we interact and this brave new online world. It’s a little lengthy, so pop the kettle on and sit back..

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One area I did like  is the explaination of ‘ties’ – there are strong ties, weak ties and temporary ties. Theses are people we have short interactions with – sales people, customer service help on Twitter – they’re not likely to become your best friends but they do play an important part in your circles of friends on and offline.
The magic number: 150 is also mentioned. You can read more about this on wikipedia but the idea is that our limit is 150 when it comes to sustaining social relationship with people. This makes you wonder the point in having 500+ Facebook friends?

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