Does size matter?

I’ve seen an article in EConsultancy today that raises the interesting question about how to use budget – do we continue to plough it into search or should we look to use some on Facebook advertising?  As you’re probably aware, Facebook has recently hit the 500m users mark which has resulted in it overtaking Google for the first time. The article continues by putting some numbers to this dilemma:

  • The CTR (Click Through Rate) for  search is 1.27%
  • The CTR for display (advertising on Facebook) is 0.09%
  • People are 14 times more likely to click on an advertising message they encounter via search than one they see on Facebook
  • Facebook would need around 7bn users in order to represent a similar sized opportunity as Google.
  • Essentially, with search you’re buying keywords, but with Facebook you’re buying an audience.

It’s easy for people to quickly jump on the Facebook bandwagon here but it’s obvious search is relevant. I think this article also helps to highlight the merge of search and the social web – from where I’m sitting, the two are merging because they are different beasts. People use Facebook to connect, keep in touch and plot their daily lives whereas Google is still a search engine used to research before purchase  BUT we know that people trust peers over advertising. For the full article, click here