You use Twitter huh?

As soon as I mention what I do, I hear one question a lot  ‘Oh, so you use Twitter….I really don’t get it!’ So then I explain what it is and why I use it. I then get more puzzled looks.

The obvious answer is ‘for my clients’ but I also have a personal account and I’m pretty hooked on it so this is why I use it:

  • Keep in touch with friends I don’t see anymore
  • A source of news – both worldy and in my industry, I like little snippets and I’ll click on what interests me
  • Networking – I speak to lots of people I might never meet, but they’re helpful and provide entertainment. I’m also new to Bristol so it’s nice to know a few locals.
  • To talk to brands – I’m British so I will grumble as well as the next person. I like to talk about my service and product experience and sometimes I expect a reply 🙂
  • Work – I look after my clients accounts, so 90% of my time is listening, monitoring and talking to people on their behalf.
  • To hear about things first – it’s always nice to be in the know!
  • It’s cool. (Okay, I don’t really believe that one)

So why do you use Twitter?  Do you use other networking/blogging sites in other ways? @ewilko


4 thoughts on “You use Twitter huh?

  1. I was reluctant to join at first but then a band I do a lot of photography work joined so I signed up as it was a good opportunity for my photos of the band to be seen by more people.

    It’s been a great way of meeting new people who have similar interests. For example this past weekend I went to silverstone for World Superbikes and met up with 4 people who I’d only ever know previously through twitter. We were able to split hotel and car hire costs between us and are now firm friends with plans to meet up again.

    • Thanks for the comment, I agree – its a great way to find people with similar interests and even better if you can split bills with them!

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