42.6% of UK consumers buying online at least once a week

A post this morning on eConsultancy reported that Brits spend £71 a month online.  They put together a survey of 2000 UK shoppers and have produced the following research:

  • 42.6% of UK consumers buying online at least once a week
  • Average online spend per shopper is £71 per month
  • Recommendations from family and friends is the most important choice of website to purchase from (71 % gave this answer)
  • 46% said knowledge of the retailer from their high street presence was a key factor
  • 35% visited a particular retailer thanks to their visibility on search engines

The research also looked into what puts consumers off using a website, the results were as follows:

  • 42% due to poor images and product descriptions
  • 32% due to poor navigation
  • 26% due to concerns over payment security
  • 18% due to no contact details
  • 16% due to over-long checkout processes

Why wouldn’t they look to purchase from that site again?

  • Order wasn’t as described – 42%
  • Late delivery – 19%
  • Poor after sales service – 18%

They also looked into how they shop – 63% said they would research multiple websites before completing their [purchase and 45% go to a website they have used before to see if they can find what they want.

From this research it’s easy to see that it pays to get it right first time – make sure the site is user-friendly, easy to navigate and has clear product descriptions with an easy yet secure paying process. If you put in all that hard work up front, once you have people coming to your site it looks good that you’ll get repeat business. This also highlights the importance of search and content in internet sales.

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