Cat Bin Lady

I’m sure most of you are aware of the-woman-who-put-a-cat-in-the-bin by now, in case you missed it you can get the simplified version here.

I know a lot of people have some strong feelings towards this moment but for the sake this article, I’m staying impartial. What has been interesting is the way this has unfolded over the social networks Twitter and Facebook.

There is the nasty side of this, where people have tracked her down and issued death threats but its been interesting to see the way the article has recieved so much interest and just how powerful these outposts can be to fire up topics, start discussions and spread like wild fire.

The news story came out only a few days ago and already there are huge amounts of followers on Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook has 40,000 people sign up to the group and Twitter has 14,300.

What are your thoughts on the way this has played out?


2 thoughts on “Cat Bin Lady

  1. I have to admit that this story makes me laugh each time I read about it. It is terrible of course but Mr Bean would not have done better than this lady. She did it so cynically and so perfectly that it could come straight from a movie.

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