Why it’s good to share

If you’ve ever wondered about rights management and content owners it’s worth checking out the presentation from Margaret Gould Stewart. She explains how their content ID system works but also highlights on the importance of not restricting all your content.

She uses the example of Chris Brown’s video ‘forever’. By allowing people to use this track in their content, it ended up benefiting more people then initially thought.

The official video was on YouTube, but as the nature of pop videos, they have their day and they drop out of the charts. 18 months later one couple, JK, uploaded a wedding video using this track – it went viral and received 40 million views. Not only did this video put a smile on users faces but the song went back to number 4 in the itunes charts because Sony used the video to advertise.  It became such a hit in the USA that the USA version of the office used it on the seasons finale.

So by becoming open and allowing content to be shared you open your door to new audiences, new channels and new revenue streams.

You can see the TED talk here