Fwix: helps you find what’s happening nearby

I came across this service this morning, it’s a site that aims to give you news, events, reviews etc. in  your city. There is an app available for the iphone, ipad, android and palm pre – which is probably more useful than viewing it via the site.  I had a look at Bristol and it has a fairly comprehensive list of news, events, photographs and reviews. 

It’s very simple to look at and navigate but still in Beta phase so it won’t be bursting with information just yet. Give it time.

Founded in October 2008 by Darian Shirazi, Fwix was originally designed to filter news & information on the internet by local area. Since then, the team at Fwix has built technology designed to filter and find the best local information on blogs, news sites, and social media sites.

Currently, Fwix is active in 250 markets in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Have you tried Fwix yet?