Remember the term Cyberspace? Back when most people you knew didn’t have a computer with internet access. The on-line population was quite small and going on-line, into cyberspace, was something separate of other daily activities.

In such a small space of time computers and phones have been quickly adopted and the motion of cyberspace is fading out. Some of you probably remember a time when you didn’t have these luxuries and can look at your own children and realise that they will grown up and will never remember a world without this technology.

Social Media is no longer an alternative reality in cyberspace, it’s part of our daily lives, integrated with our usual daily activities. it has an impressive array of tools on offer that coordinate our off-line world as well as our on-line one. Spending time on-line is not stopping us from interacting with one another but giving us the opportunity to connect and communicate.

Some people, especially in business, state that social media is a big time waster and it stops the development of face-to-face social skills but I don’t think that is the case, in fact in some ways it’s quite the opposite. Real life events like tweet-ups, music gigs, Christmas events, birthday parties are arranged using on-line tools but lead to physical world ‘face’ time.

The social web is still a new beast and as generations develop and grow, so will social media.