36.1% have used social to convert to sales

A report published by R2integrated this month offers figures on how brands and marketers are using social and how it’s paying off. The survey asked 296 marketing professionals about their use of social media in marketing. The results found the following:

  • 36.1% say they’ve been able to make a conversion from initial connection to sale
  • 25.3% of marketers surveyed who conduct social media marketing say they are getting close to making a sale via social media
  • 38.1% say they haven’t made a sale from social media so far
  • 83% of marketers report using all of the top 3 social networking sites—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn— for marketing
  • Asked which social media site is their No. 1 focus, marketers cite the following:
    • Facebook: 45.9%
    • Twitter: 20.6%
    • LinkedIn: 19.6%
  • Only 3% of marketers say their No. 1 focus is YouTube

For the full article, visit the R2Integrated site.