What does Twitter do for businesses?

You can use Twitter to share business information, gather data research and insights and build relationships with your customers and prospects.  Most of the time, there is already a conversation happening on Twitter about your company, product or service.

Twitter Terminology

Mention: Once you’ve sign up you get a username, you can get mention people by preceding your message with that username. E.g. @ewilko how are you today?

Retweet: If you see a tweet by another user that you want to share, you can do this by retweeting their tweet. Click on re-tweet to share this information with your followers.

Message/DM: When you are following another user and they are following you back, you can send them a private message. Start your tweet with DM or D. E.g. DM @ewilko what’s your mobile number?

Hashtag: Users prefix words with the hashtag in order to categorise them. Hashtags are a bit like having a theme to your tweet, you can click on the hashtag to find similar-themed tweets and find followers you might share interests with.