Free stuff on Twitter? Oh, go on then

Whilst trying to get to grips with the early morning at work I decided to tweet ‘I am very, very tired today…’ Shortly afterwards I received a tweet from a company named BioTherm asking if a free sample would help. Well, the answer was obviously yes…The next day, as promised, the goodies arrived on my desk. Not those teeny samples either, two decent sized pots of face cream to improve my tired skin!  Having never heard of the company or product before, instantly I decided to tell everyone around me, tweet about it and start googling their product and company.

I’m a late adopter of the wonderful world of cosmetics and time-defying beauty creams, but I liked this approach. It was unexpected, they delivered on their promise and if this stuff turns out to do wonders for my skin, I’m likely to buy some more. This was a great use of twitter marketing from my perspective.

Have I sold out too early? Have you ever been approached in this manner? Are you an agency that has used this method for reaching new consumers? It would be great to know if this approach works (or if you have any way of tracking its success)

As for the cream, I’ll give you my verdict on twitter…!


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