Google + 1

My friend sent me a link to the Google +1 service at the end of March; so I’m a little late with the blog post.

Google will show +1 buttons next to all search results and ads and will encourage other sites to include the button.  You can only get recommendations from your ‘Google’ network – those who have an account. Whilst I am a user of Google, most of my friends are still using hotmail, their work email addresses or have ditched email and moved onto Twitter and Facebook for daily contact.

“The web is a big place, sometimes it helps to have a tour guide”

Potentially, this looks great and I’m excited that Google are taking on board the sharing idea, like networks such as Facebook and Twitter. My concerns are the limitations to only sharing it within my Google network, as my friends in that space are limited.

This could just be the start from Google and the next phase might be to integrate with other social sites, but it could also go the same way as Google Wave. Any thoughts?