Are you using Foursquare yet?

I’m still a fan of Foursquare because I like checking in, getting new badges and finding out tips and information when exploring the area. The question is, are investors getting on board? It turns out they are.

Foursquare announced on their blog that they have secured $50 million in founding and are growing as a company. They also announced that they have recently teamed up with American Express following a small test last year.

Today, we’re happy to announce that the partnership is going national. Across the whole country, at select merchants, you can now check-in with foursquare, pay with your American Express card, and get big savings on your monthly statement.

It’s simple to use:

  • link your AmEx and foursquare accounts (you can do it here);
  • check in at a participating store and tap ‘load to card’ on the Special; and,
  • pay with your AmEx card.

There’s no cutting out coupons or showing your phone to the cashier. The savings are automatically credited to your account within a few days. (full blog post here)

Currently, this is only for US Amex customers but once the feedback starts rolling in maybe it will extend to the UK or someone like Mastercard might start having chats with Foursquare?


2 thoughts on “Are you using Foursquare yet?

  1. It certainly needed something to move beyond badges that had a short novelty window and then compete with the Facebook juggernaut. Personally I’d be incredibly wary of linking my AmEx to FourSquare. “web 2.0” start ups have hardly been the best at customer service and protecting/re-activating accounts if “something” happens. I would have concerns about their security too – maybe AmEx offer something here? Mind you, anything that moves beyond badges that only have a nerd value into real, tangible rewards for doing what they want is appealing to the broader world.

  2. Working in the hotel industry, I’ve been curious to see how hoteliers adopt FourSquare into the online marketing strategy. There’s certainly been the potential for some time, but there have been few good examples. I recently wrote a post on my blog, as Starwood, one of the biggest hotel chains in the world, have created a FourSquare strategy. Very simply, if you check-in using FourSquare, you automatically get 250 Starwood club points credited to your account. So why? Good publicity, people sharing their hotel experience with their network of friends, and driving customer loyalty. It’s a simple idea – but one I’m sure will grow and grow.

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