A meme is an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. While genes transmit biological information, memes are said to transmit ideas and belief information. (Wikipedia definition)

A few of my friends and I have been talking about the need to start questioning how we approach client work. Rather than ‘thinking outside the box’ we’ve decided to start questioning what we currently accept as the way we do things, experiment with ideas and discuss human behaviour in an attempt to be more innovative.

Memetics, the study of cultural evolution, can help us to understand our lives and why we do the things we do. Having this knowledge will, in turn, help us to understand word-of-mouth advertising or why certain videos go viral and get the cult like following they sometimes achieve.

Within the cyberweb (im sure there is much better words these days), in order for a meme to survive and spread they need to have communication between users and potential users but there needs to be a motivation from the original user to make this possible and start the chain reaction.

I’m still learning, reading, questioning and absorbing the information but I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has any thoughts and questions surrounding human behaviour and memes.

Before you go, be sure to take a look at this video. It’ll get the thinking juices flowing.