Addicted to Smart Phones

Recent research released by Ofcom revealed that a third of adults use smart phones. Apple iphones rated as the most popular brand whilst teenagers favoured Blackberry devices. If you haven’t got time to read the full report, here is a round up:

  • Facebook was the most visited website on handheld devices, with 43 million hours spent on it in December 2010
  • 58% of smartphone owners were male and 42% female
  • Apple’s iPhone was a favourite device for 32% of adults
  • Blackberry was favoured by 37% of young people
  • 37 per cent of adults and 60 per cent of teens admit they are ‘highly addicted’ to their smartphones
  • Users make significantly more calls and send more texts than regular mobile users (81 per cent of smartphone users make calls every day compared with 53 per cent of ‘regular’ users)
  • 81 per cent of users have their mobile switched on all the time
  • 51 per cent of adults used their smartphone whilst socialising with others
  • 23 per cent of adults use their smartphone at mealtimes
  • 47 per cent of teenagers admitted to answering their smartphone whilst using the bathroom or toilet
  • 47 per cent of adults have downloaded an app
  • Teenagers are more likely to pay for game apps
Get the full report here