Content is (still) king…

Long live the king. Working in a smaller team requires you to stretch your digital wings; what better place then heading up town to adtech in London for their second day of their digital marketing and advertising event. 

I couldn’t resist tweeting on my way there and had already arranged to go and see Webfluenz before getting off the train! I knew the event would be packed full of companies wanting to sell their services but my aim was to get along to a few of the social media and SEO seminars taking place.

One particular channel at the moment is making it simple for colleagues and clients to understand that social media isn’t just a standalone marketing channel.  My day-to-day activities mean I get involved in a wide range of digital services – Email, SEO, PPC, Social and Website building – yet these things rarely tend to get tied together to the extent they should, even though they’re a natural fit.

One of the seminars that addressed this very well was by John Heffernan from MediaCo. He explained how many people don’t look at how suitable their websites are for supporting social media activity but launch into using these channels anyway and get bamboozled when it tends to fall apart.

Once an SEO or PPC exercise has taken place you end up with a wonderful list of keywords and phrases but this tends to stay in the ‘SEO’ pot and doesn’t really get recognised of any real importance for the rest of the digital activity, which means it doesn’t get transfered over to the social media work and website copy. When you stand back and apply some common sense, this all seems far too obvious a trick to miss.

Then there is the problem of content. A few times recently I’ve found myself talking about some great ways you can use social platforms, when I get to the point of  saying “…then when they click on this content, it takes them to the relevant area on your website..” I get blank stares. “You want to put the content on my website?! Oh no! It can stay on Twitter! I only need 4 pages on my website” Content has been and will continue to be what drives the web. Its not just what you like (Personally, the sneezing panda still does it for me) but it’s about what content is relevant to your audience.

Just because you don’t like watching an instructional video it doesn’t mean to say that your audience doesn’t. You need to give your audience interesting content the way they wish to consume it. Make your content interesting, make it different to your competitors and give your audience a reason to keep coming back to your website where this wonderful content lives.

In short, do your homework; listen to your audience; spread you digital seed; understand how these different channels fit together; produce some great content and make your visitors come back to your website. After all,  your website is where your products and services are in the spotlight.  This in turn will equal more sales, more profit and a happy boss.


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