Free social monitoring tools

I get asked fairly frequently for free ‘social buzz’ monitoring tools. Below is a small selection worth having a play with:

Social Mention

Similar to Google Alerts, it will search social platforms and offers a nice visual representation of the findings. You can set up alerts and export the search results. Can sometimes take a while to load if you’re on a slower connection but one of my favourites.
Not one i’m overly familiar with but I know a few people that use it. It’s more of a comparison based social monitoring tool so you could compare your Facebook page or Twitter account to your competitors. Wildfire also offer a paid for service that gives you a greater set of tools for $5 a month.
I’m a big fan, this is my weapon of choice. It started as a free service, which is still offers, but has paid for options which are very handy if you’re working within a team. I have this on my pc, mac, htc  and iphone and have found all versions very easy to use. Its worth spending time setting up the reporting function and integrating it with your Google Analytics account.
A tool developed by Nielsen, this discovers trends for blogs.  You can use a basic or advanced search functionality and if you’re a blogger you can submit your own blog for listing.
Twitter Search
Pretty much does what it says on the tin. Advanced search options for Twitter – you can include languages, people, places and sentiment. Worth a quick search if Twitter is your chosen platform.
Google Trends
This is one of those Google tools that gets a little overlooked. This tool measures the interest in a topic based on searches people conduct over a period of time and can demonstrate the impact bloggers may have on a brand.  This works quite nicely with Google Insights for Search that looks at volume patterns.
Are there any others you like to use frequently that I’ve missed in the list above?