Our hyper-connected world

I had the opportunity to have a chat with a good friend of mine, we were discussing the future of agencies and how we keep up with client demands and requirements. We live in such a switched on world that constantly craves on-demand content and experiences that the relationship between people and brands is constantly changing.

So how does an agency fit into this? Can they remain the same, what about traditional agencies that don’t deal with digital? What will their future be? Customers are demanding more from the brands they interact with and will be quick to highlight when they haven’t delivered a brand promise.

Brands also need to work harder to keep their customers loyalty, customers expect brands to think creativity and when they do, they will be rewarded and praised for their efforts. So what does this mean for us agencies folk?

We need to be smarter, we need to be stand back and evaluate, “Do you own brand assessment” as Nick said. Too often we get hung up on how we work internally and where the money goes but our clients don’t care, all they want is a good relationship with an agency that are clearly investing their money wisely and they are seeing the true business value to what the agency are doing.

So, you agency bods out there and the clients that use them – what are you thinking?