Be The Boss

  Are you ready to escape the rat race? Leave behind busy, delayed trains, long office hours and use 2012 as your springboard to make a career change that makes you boss!

We’re all really excited to be holding an event next week at Victoria Station, London for our new clients Prokill.

Feel free to have a peek at the website and animation above; if you’re in the area next week come along to the main event!
The event takes place at Victoria Station on Wednesday 18 January.


2 thoughts on “Be The Boss

  1. Harro Emily. Without breaking client confidences, did the experiential stunt work from an awareness &/or direct response perspective? K thx bai.

    • I will update with the stats from the project (eventually). It got press and online attention on the day and a second wave of interest on the Saturday following the event.

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