Zeebox: Have you tried it yet?

Zeebox integrates TV listings, social media and conversations around the programmes that you like to watch. Zeebox bills itself as the ‘new way to watch television’ and you can download it as an app to use whilst you have your feet-up in front of the TV.

A while ago, I thought it would be a great idea to have an app that I could download and interact with as I watched television. When I read about Zeebox, I thought ‘fantastic, this is exactly what i’m looking for’ however, it’s not quite there for me.

Interactive television is certainly the way forward and any great conversation-starting programme usually ends up trending on Twitter or Facebook, so the idea of having a mash-up of your show and your chosen social channels seems perfect.

I like the app and I think it’s a great way to chat to people with similar interests to you but I want to see and use this on my TV, not on my ipad whilst watching TV.

Have you used this app? What do you think?