Foursquare – 10 million members [infographic]

Foursquare have released an infographic showing their growth since March 2009. It’s a nice infograph with some good figures to support their growth and popular areas but it would be nice to see more information on how regular users are and how useful businesses have found this service once they’ve registered.  Continue reading


How a restaurant can use social media

Most companies should be looking to implement the use of social media into their future marketing strategies. Companies such as Urbanspoon and Pizza Hut are not only doing that but taking steps to get involved with new mobile apps and location based services. How can Restaurants use social media to increase their consumer base? Continue reading

Social media boosts Domino’s Pizza’s online sales by 61.4%

Ha! I knew it wasn’t sad to have a FourSquare account! Below is an article from New Media Age on how Domino’s have uped their profits using social media, such as FourSquare…

Takeaway pizza company Domino’s Pizza has increased online sales to £56.9m in the first half of 2010, boosted by an increase in online marketing activity.

Domino’s launched a campaign on Foursquare in May this year, offering users free pizzas and discounts when they check into its stores

Domino’s Pizza has increased online sales to account for 32.7% of sales, compared to 26.2% in 2009 ( 7 January). The company announced profits of £17.5m for the 26 weeks up to 27 June 2010, up from £13.6m in 2009.

Chris Moore, chief executive officer of Domino’s Pizza, said the increase came from innovative marketing over the past year, including its tie up with location based mobile service Foursquare.

“Our main Facebook site has in excess of 36,000 fans and there are numerous fans of individual store sites too. In addition, we have led the way with social media initiatives such as affiliate marketing, our superfans programme and the development of a link up with Foursquare, the location-based social media site,” said Moore.

Original article can be found here.

ANOTHER networking site?

I saw in the news yesterday that Starbucks are using FourSquare to offer ‘Mayors’ the opportunity to get discounted drinks in the US. What I really love about Starbucks is the way they keep embracing and experimenting with the new networks and technologies as they emerge.

I keep banging on about the merge of the digital and physical world and how clients should look to intergrate a little more in their thinking but it continues to be an area of uncertainy for many, as they’re only interested in a proven model that can offer them ROI.

Maybe the name needs to change? Social Media does have the sigma of a ‘fad’ attached to it and the word ‘media’ can be a little misleading.  Too many people are offering a Twitter account as a quick fix to social media, rather than taking on board the business strategies and objectives for the company so it can make a difference.

Use this social web in the correct way, engage with people, allow your employees to feel empowered, find the right space and enhance your strategy.

There are plenty of example of brands doing the right thing – check them out and take note.