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The Kevin Campaign

Christmas 2009 was fast approaching and instead of the usual e-card or chocolate gift I thought it would be good to be a little more creative and use the power of social media…and so Kevin was born.

The concept behind this campaign was that we’d make Kevin the Turkey a Christmas celebrity, not by sticking him in the BB house but by giving our clients and prospects (and anyone else who stumbled across him) the chance to decide his fate…Save him or Slay him.

To get the message out to people, I thought it would be fun to send them a person message from Kevin in the form of Turkey poo. I didn’t completely lose the plot and ask the farmer to start gift wrapping after Kevin’s dinner, instead I arranged for 600 bags of toffee crumble to be logoed up and tagged as poo.

Lots of turkey poo!

All the sticking, boxes, tagging and bagging was worth it though…the bags looked fantastic and the feedback from clients was brilliant. The creative team did an excellent job on the website design (below), allowing people to vote once a day to decide his fate.

Complimenting the website – a Twitter account and a facebook page. To make sure people were going to the website (and not just eating the toffee crumble) we sent out an email:

Kevin Turkey Email

The uptake on Twitter and Facebook grew well, people started interacting with Kevin and having real passions to eat him (obviously not a lot of turkey fans out there!) but the voting keep us in suspense as one day he was off to the petting zoo and the next day ready to get covered in cranberry sauce!

Twitter comments

On the 23rd December 2009, his fate was decided…everyone wanted him slayed! But we’d all grown attached to the little fella so so we decided to set him free and donate £1335 to the local homeless shelter – St James – so they could all have Christmas dinner on us!

He's been saved....'cause we're nice people

He's been saved....'cause we're nice people

The campaign was a great sucess, Kevin had 150 follwers on Twitter and 116 fans on facebook – not bad for a Turkey.

Emily & Hannah with a large cheque!

Emily & Hannah with a large cheque!

The BT Experience

Now we’ve all experienced a frustrating moment with a big supplier so I thought I’d share my story about BT and the wonders of the digital world.

I live in a shared house, my friend passed away and his name was on our BT phone bill. I thought there would be a simple procedure for transferring his name to my name, so I can continue with the contract we’ve had in place for almost 3 years and ensure the credit on our account remains there and not in the pockets of BT.

I called BT and explained the situation, the Indian lady couldn’t help but said she would put me through to some one who could so I got transferred to another department and spoke to a Welsh lady. As the previous lady did not inform this person of the situation I went through the story again only to find out I had been put to the sales department and was trying to be sold a new 12 month contract. Not exactly what I had in mind. The welsh lady was very apologetic and couldn’t quite understand why I had been put through to her either and so transferred me again…to an unnamed department. I spoke to an Indian gentleman, where once again, I had to re-lay all the information for a third time.

Just to keep you all up to speed, this is the second time I had called BT and they had recently sent a letter to the deceased to say the account was closing which was then followed by a second letter to the deceased with a cheque for him to cash. Clever people those BT lot.

So after going over and over my point of just wanting to transfer the name into mine as two of us are still living in the house and we want to keep the contract in place, I kept getting a no. It turns out there is no procedure in place within British Telecom if a loved one dies and you need to take over the account. As you can imagine, I was pretty angry by now and asked to speak to a manager. Time on Phone: 15 Minutes

The manager – Vivek Singh – decides its best for him to handle negotiations by telling me that we’re all human and he understands my pain. He tells me that there is nothing they can do, I can only transfer the contract into the name of his mum or dad. After explaining that the guy had not been living with his parents for a good many years and I was in a contractual housing agreement with him I discovered this wasn’t good enough. Vivek was actually asking me to call his parents, who are grieving and ask them to look after the phone bill of a couple of people they no longer have a tie too. When I relayed this information to him his response was ‘I understand what you are going through’ and that ‘BT have legal guidelines’

So I decided to take the complaint approach, seeing as he couldn’t help me I asked to speak to someone where I could log a complaint so that these guidelines could be reviewed by someone higher up the chain of command. His response was that ‘job titles didn’t matter’ and that ‘he was the highest point of contact’ and that these are ‘legal guidelines’ I think someone may have been overstating their importance within the company a little…

After 30 minutes of pain on the phone, I decided to hang up and vent my frustrations on Twitter. Now, if you’ve never used Twitter now is the time to start! Guess who followed me? BTCare!

@ewilko Hi, is there anything that I can do to help with your problem?

Ha ha, brilliant…so 30 minutes talking to 4 members of staff and nothing. 30 seconds of bad mouthing them to  thousands and an instance response.

Hi ewilko,

I have been having a look at what has been happening on twitter and I can get this sorted out for you but I need a few details first please.

Could you drop me a reply with the telephone and account number in question and what’s been happening so I take a look for you?  If its easier for you to use twitter just follow my BTcare profile and we can discuss it that way too.

I just need a few details to track down the account in question and for security reasons.



So I have emailed them with my details to have a look at my account and look at the reply…

Thanks for getting back to me. This is no problem and I’ll get it sorted out for you right away.  It is quite a simple request really so I am sorry that it was not handled quickly and easily as it should have been.

I cant do anything quite yet but I have everything that I need so I will drop you an email when I have everything sorted out.

If you have any questions or anything else you would like help with just drop me a reply or a tweet and I’ll be happy to help.


So I am waiting to see if anything happens! I do feel sorry for all of those people that have been through the pain of BT and have not discovered Twitter yet.  It seems that if you want something done, moan about it big style on Twitter – a potential 6 million people might read how badly a company is treating you and feel the urge to do something about it.

I’ll keep you updated!

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